Neef Party Knights Prod​:​. By DLRMusik

by Neef Ah

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She on henny on the rocks all
Night yeah to its time to party
That's nice
Shorty looking right :
Caught me looking twice:
Take another shot
With more ice,
I don't like to drink
Cuz I drive
On. I-95
Going 80 miles
Don't try it.
Unless you trying
Grow wings
Or die
Young rap god
In the city where the skinny
People live
What the skinny People did ?
Getting money turn
boss be
At cross roads
Bone bone bone bone!

What done into you
From the bottom to the top
When the hating gone stop
When they dig that plot up for you
But tonight
We living life
Nobody. Dies
Live your life
And party like
19 99
We alright
Let's light start fire
Then close our eyes
Start to drift
Then start to fly
You feeling high
We alright
This Lully by
Don't start to cry
Say good night
We roll them right
Then mix the sprite.
-We alright!-

Hands up in this whoa!
Hands up in this
If you stand out
Just stand proud
And represent
What your click! X2
Hands up in this whoA!
Hands up in this
If you stand out
Just stand proud
And represent
Your click

Alright right

Well it's time to go
Pick and role
This naturo
You trying choose
A scroll

Passing the keys to my driver
My guy a survivor
On these nights when
We choose the roam
Dodging potholes
Where the pot bro
Light it up
Stop at the optimo
Yeah optimistic
Take mine to go
Cuz the opposition
Got my position
See the jail
But I ain't trying
Poor Neef
Ain't pot to piss Neef
His momma gone
And his pops his missing
Rolling stone
Left the hat at home
Start slinging
Still broke
Move up
Still poor

With constant hatred
The world filled with Glock buster
The pot lover
Your skin
Could get you shot brother
Back when Ed lover
Had the game he
Showed yall colors

Pantan leather on my feet again
Feel like I need a minute
Lost my way in the world
With all these foolish gimmick
I was rapping for fun
I sold some tickets
Now if you rap
And make funds
Don't blow on these bitches

My mind is racing
Look at shorty
That Nyah alathan
She's fine ain't she
But my time wasted
It's all blatant

I'm looking for that
I'm running around
And I'm chasing these feathers
I'm gone ;
We jump
To party
We're rocking the house
When we're moving our body's
Yeah ..x2

We're moving our body
Getting drunk in the party;
EveryboDy is twisted
They drunk in pArty
Just moving our body's


released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


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