Neef Ah Hollywood PT2 Prod. By SwedeBeats

by Neef

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Swede beats
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Running through the woods again
Find me puffing
Building with
Youth and them
Cooling with my super friends
Know they trying to stop us
Who you b
Made men
Hit you with the chopper
You might sue again
Money man
Damn it fam

Bought some loud pock
From nigga house
We move em out
Bring em in
Send it to the south
From brixton
To ct
Wild out tv
Fuck a horse power
I get higher than g3
Play games
Don't ehva test me
I'm far out
Just shot a movie won
An espy

What's on the tele
Nas and x
Watching belly
The yard man
A gwan bad
Watch him
Wheel his
I'm just a king
That is ready
Yo pardon
A Martian
From the planet of
It cost him
What he thought
He could envy
A portion
Get it back
Now they wonder
You got it in auction
That normal
Made men
In the clinic for
I'm morphing
Mighty mighty
D block
In the state pin
We don't rat
If you sing
We page him
Getting back to the money
We feeling like Slaves kid.

In middle of the nioght
If you turn on the lights
You will see the roach skatter
Four o'clock in the morning
I'm thinking about
Tea and crackers
Gotta get mine
By any means kid
What's on the platter
Niggas is bitches
Women is kingdoms
In my heart
You can't denied it
Fabulous I play the part
Don't watch men
Dame dash
I'm arrogant
Im mad cuz what the parents did
Didn't raise they children to be owning things

Verse 2

Ayo menace to society
Fire me
Armed with felons
No telling
The penalty
If you ain't got not loyalty
Words that match
About to strike a match
And get things started
Niggas pardon my back
The rap game
Got lame
Lupe gave me dap
The the boats by the pairs
You talking yiki yack
I'm offing my ears
I paid attention
To the teacher
Teacher I ain't teaching me shit
Paid attention to books
Taught me how to eat
How to cook
We ain't had dryers
We had to lay our clothes
On the wire
We had prayers
But we still walk through the fire
The base hot

Most niggas ain't get that last bar
Walk through fire Richard Pryor
Base god

On another level
Fuck outta space
I'm in a black hole
You really that bold
You hear chika chika
No Dj or microphone
Might Jig a nigga
No Shawn carter or Hov
Might flip a nigga upside down
His ankles get let go
From the fifth flo


released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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