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released October 31, 2013



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NEEF New York

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#BDMG - For Press Inquiries, Shows and Bookings teamneef@gmail.com
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Track Name: Neef- iNSOMNIA [Prod by King Faro]
Talk to the man upstairs for a minute

Talking to empty chair
That's the man upstairs
Got a few question
Every night my eyes is filled
With tears,
You took my oldest sister lord
traumatized moms for years
17 with 1 kid dead
The second one is near
Jay born went four
Years and then anniff appeared
Hard life
No food sneaker or a sock
Couldn't afford shit eating out
That pissy pot.. Mommy sweaping the yard, then pow pow she getting shot.fell right infront of me,
Don't ask me for my pops
Last stop,aunt Maxine
She raised a nigga well.
Moms got better left
Niggas home
Jerome got the link
That's the gift no Santana
Moms taking flight yup
Landed in Canada

The situation sticky
Moved in with my aunt
She was acting iffy
So my momma patiently
Sister fight I know that's right
Cuz she was glad when she made it
But in her hiegnsight packed her bag
Then she skated right to them bright lights
New York City we made it
Home of the braves
Back at home we was waiting
96 tupac died then I made it
Stepped off the airline
With Bredda Brian
Landed in mt Vernon
Where them bitching dieing
Met this nigga tim
Then we started wilding
Linked up with some kids
Them niggas riding

school didn't work out
How things worked out
Mommy had to move to the Bronx
Corsa the block but mommy had to watch mrs daisy in her uniform

Now yeah dey yah pon a mission
No way no way could I fail any minute
No way no way
For my kids
You know I miss em
All day all day
We don't have a pot to piss in
Well okay
Track Name: Neef - Dark Skin Jermaine [Prod. by Bdmg]
All this writing making my hands hurt
All the crying aint gone make my mom come up out that hurst...
Smoking Marijane taking deep breathe

My life a mess
I'm on my last yeah
Survival mode
Fuck you
What pill you on uh
Tonight lets catch body
Playing FIFA
kicking lyrics
to my Brodie's
Another hit I'm on some shit
fly In designer clothes
Corner street hit the throttle
Zoom.threw B road
Make that left on fish
Gunhill k here we go
Yeah I'm in my hood watching erbody
Can't trust a soul you gone be body
Track Name: Neef- Gods Gift [Prod. By Arturizzy]
They say its best to be humble
Your god gift, your planing to get money, to I'm hoping that plan sticks
Niggas fighting over nothing
I'm fighting just to exist,
Keep my mind from negativity
But my energy switch..listen
I'm on mission, I'm probably missing
Two of week of sleep but
My condition
Over counter drugs helping me speak
Few ideas give it time
My mind doesn't sleep.
I'm going a hundred and fifty
Before I hit the sheets
Everyday day my mind rewinds a little bit more could be it because
I took a lost I couldn't of avoid
I'm just fucking the game cuz I'm into this raw
And you shouldn't rap because
I'm into it dog, I'm just lost without a bone, need minute with god
I'm so lost without my earth
But I weather the storm
I'm trying to get a minute for myself
God bless the child that hold his own
But I need your help

Everybody got they hand out
Asking for favors
When I was hurting
Everybody was acting like strangers, I pulled the curtains
Now everybody love me like Raymond, started a label.
At first it was me and my nigga young, my right hand ,cuz
My left hand went numb
Abounch of new niggas
I ain't trusting not one.
Like a nasty bitch you gotta succeed using your tounge.
Yeah I got powers make you move
I done seen mad nuggas this year made the news
Dope boys
My block hot like Jamaican food
Coke boys
Like chinx drugs
Out my peripherals
Con Ed got me on some other shit
Honesty, goal for the future
Looking promising :comically :
I don't us moving
It's me and my thoughts thoughts

Time is your friend
Patients in due time
We see what it takes
You ain't next in line
I'm choosing your faith
You chose to rhyme

Yet you put with these strange motherfucker[watch your mouth]
I'm saying lord why you left me to suffer, no father No mommy
My children and brother
The only one left in my circle so I bring em together

All i hear is complaints
Yeah you thank me for your daughters
What you mad at because I ain't give em your face
You a selfish little nigga
You don't see all your trait
The next time we speak
It's going to be face to face
Track Name: JabbaHut
Name Neef
Hots spot
On Pebz beat
Loud on me
Trying to get to the moon
Fly homie,in the city where
The skinny ride only
I'm back on my shit ...
Feeling like Dramangar
With a backpack
But the Mac in this bitch
I'm g boy,but not a g boy
If they don't ..kill me in this bitch
Man I stay. Fleet
And I stay geeked
Hit me like beep beep
Get me up
Pick him up off of the concrete
Call for the back up
You don't really want beef.
When you hear pop pop
Then you see the blood leak
If he don't make it
Funeral next week
Everybody praying
For dead this what the preacher man said
Right before you going down

I'm pasting like crazy
I'm constantly trying figure out why
The same excuse
I need to get and just get on my grind
Making this money is easy
I just gotta up pick up my nine
My niggas Krazy
I watched both my niggas
Just start to sniff line
They living there life
While my momma live in the sky
Worked minimum wage
20 years then you die
I'm feel some type of way
But then I swallowed pride
I guest I'm just as bad
I could of told them dont even try it
Instead I watched them get fried
Watching virus
Taking over when you get too quiet
I'm screaming out open your eyes
Don't sleep for a minute
Minus the hours
But add on the minutes
You need all your spinach
Wife at home
But your true to the bitches

Pardon my niggas
I ain't getting younger
I'm waiting for Grays
Smoking this Gongja
Just past me the fonta
I'll roll up for days

Playing this bob
Smoking with bob
He came a long
My kids gone bury me
Not the other way

Where I'm from repping uptown
Stay down for my niggas
Cooped up. Keep fat pocket
Balling we count figures
Track Name: Neef- Grab A Bottle [Prod. by MilitiaMillz]
Woke up feel like saying fuck the world again
I higher than a pilot getting high
During turbulence
Going in this the Black Plague
I'm the medicine
Write bars quick promo
That's the regiment
Skinny but my heart is the size of elephant. Wonder what they telling him.my fans call them all Stan's
From the heckling.
Smooths but I'm quick on the draw
Like Zimmerman, heavy on the 1'fuck the 2' unless your talking kicks
Steady counting ones for these dudes I give too shits
Invite your girl to my dick
And if the shoes fit
Bitch you ain't Cinderella..
Im the reason why riri
under umbrellas
I'm the reason why wheezy
Rocking that Mochella
Shit welll you believe that
You a dumb nigga
One for the money
2 for the bitches
3 for the crow
Wearing all black when I
Rap yeah ripping every show
Here we go

Put it up put it up
It's the rap phenomenal
Captain of the ship

Just grab some bottles of Chris
A bucket of ice
I got My chain on neck
I'm eyeing your wife
She wanna fuck with the click
party all night
And if somebody gotta problem
We gone solve them tonight

We them boppers fuck the copper
That's blue and white
And if somebody get arrested
They'll be spending the night
Track Name: Neef- Stepping Out [Prod. By Dramangar]
Stepping out tonight
In red bottoms
Hoping we can last
Tonight The Lord got us
I like girls who like girls
It don't it matter
When i slide inside
She's Like

Ball room
Mask affair
Shorty got mast appeal
Tell me that ass is real

Shake it for the dollar bill
And show me how Monica feels
We don't got to worry about nada
Montana like

Keep pouring the drinks
Keep rolling the smoke
Everybody grab a bitch
Get ready to stroke
Red yellow green like
Get ready to go
We on the run from the coppers
Like we breaking law

Blue white ciroc
Bottles tonight's
Hands in the air
We balling like mike
Anyone Tyson, Jordan Jackson
Like I biggie I got faith
But your boy PAC son

Cigars we gone pause on the blunts
Lets toast to life and get drunk
We have one life to live lets have fun
But don't leave your home without
Your gun,
Two stepping with a mommy
Just leaving out the party
Tell her meet me in the lobby
I don't care about your hubby
I don't care about his money
We can spend that in the morning
What you think about

Party like its 1999
We party when the weather looking nice I'm probably on a hammock with my wife got my kids flying kites
Everybody look at me living life
Hit it from the back
Hit it from the front
She come first
Then I spark the blunt
Wild for the night
Left my house without her red pumps
Got me feeling numb
Track Name: Neef - Combo [Prod. by Live Musiq & Dramangar]
I'm warning up
They want to see me fall
Im on fire
They want to cool me off
Shorty turning up
Tweaking in her draws

Live ,dramangar got em saying huh

First you get the loud pack
Then you get the Reggie
Mix it up
We smoking cuz nigga
We ready
First you get the lime & coconut
Then you get the Henny
Never mix the
You know
He wasn't ready

nigga know they don't want it
we knuckle up just like sonic
We button up
To be honest
Gentlemen in garments
Brown and white
Mix it you vomit
In it to win it
I'm going a hundred and Ten
Counting my digits
Look at niggas
Now look bitches
They viscous
They ready to kill
Got me riding around my town again
Looking for pretty women
Got on my richer gear
Flying over you bum niggas
I'm on none
You on something
Who want it cuz we got it
Double that make a prophet
Know the king gotta prophet
Double king for mattress
In march it's madness
Poke em like cactus
Track Name: Neef- Facts[ Prod. by mksb-gibberish]
Facts Kmurph
Yo Kmurph pass that snaple nigga
Pop the top
Read that shit

Let's talk facts nigga
The king of ny nas and Jigga
Let's talks facts nigga
Where this shit started
Started from the bottom with niggas
Yeah I'm the Bronx where the goons meet
Yard man full of Tarzan when tool speak
Car pool to the hotel suit
Bring freaks from the lab
Two nerds and a geek
Red sheets in the bedroom
Beep beep
Studio time
I'm getting ready for the beats
Facts nugga
I love bitches
That's a fact nigga
Your just a pussy eating on cookie
Your just a fat nigga
Been on the grind
When holla back
Came out jarule was that nigga
Mase found The Lord
DMx scored double plaques nigga
Nas went cold then he came back
With wrath aimed at the king Jigga
Now I' am here stuck in this game
Puffing on what they call Lucy
I got all my hair
My grandfather yeah
That's what you calling a kooly
Don't make me smack off your koofy
Pardon.the phrase but jimmy we here
Can we all star in a movie
Can I say hip hop is dead
Can put out some good music
Without nuggas paying me bread
The answer is nah
You nuggas heard what I said
Track Name: Neef- Family Tree[Prod. By.Rkives612-01]
I tell nuggas live it up because the end is near
Nuggas know that I'm the best.
But I'm in second gear
The hadolf of rap
Micheal and kit
On ave
I feel like diangolo
Tell the world to kiss my ass
I know the antidote
God gave me daughters
From my grimey pass
It can't be all bad
All of them hoes like my pics on Instagram

I'm falling under know they saying this all karma
I can't swim
They got me sinking under the water
Now I'm playing the role of my fathers father,father.
3generations in and now were stuck with daughters.
I ask myself a question
Then I second guess the method
Keep myself in order,why because The Lord gave me this blessing
Lily and Eva
Growing up I wish they knew yah
Keep your name is my songs
Now they saying hallelujah
I know that poppa was a rolling stone
The whole family starving
That's why they called you bones

I be bouncing in the game
One shot know I'm about to win
If falling off is hard I'm a teach em how to win
We ball off court
Bagging bitches
Get the skines
Track Name: Neef - MASH IT UP[Prod. by Damee Nicole}
Niggas is actors

Got dame on the beat
I'm mashed it up
Sold out arenas
No more lighters
So we Match it up
Legendary in hood
I'm fly as fuck
Keep a blade
By my hood
I'll slice you up
My niggas flaming when we rap
You flaming so we call you pussy
But you ain't a cat,
niggas is gassed
I let dame cool Em off
This beat feel like it's
Food way before you cool it off
(That's fire)

Bdmg that's my set
If you feel some kinds of way
I surgest that you change your sex
(Oh yes)

Bars ontop of bars
I ain't done yet
Cars next to cars
Next to homes yes

...daily news
On my front lawn
You fool
Hit the snooze
Like get up boy
Get up boy
Time for some actions
Got your girl on knees
Got her head bobbing

Have fi smoke Di gongja every day
Love the sexy gyal dem pretty face
Dame wey find dem pretty gyal
With tits and sexy figure
If she down to fuck the homies
Bring a friend

You 2
Could be fooled
Haters by your side
If you do
What we do
You probly
Wont survive

I get back
Then I'm taking off
I lay trap
Just to see who's smart
A late nap
Turn forever gone
My heart turn cold
I forever frost
In my palm
Praying to The Lord

Reading all the psams
Yelling out Jah